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Get a proven step-by-step system for designing live online sessions to increase engagement and impact with ease.

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    Save time and guesswork by having a repeatable framework that streamlines your session design

    Increase engagement in your live sessions straight away with proven methods, ideas, and templates

    Get raving reviews by designing live sessions your audiences will remember.

    I use Gwyn's framework to design all my virtual sessions. The quality of my sessions has improved. People are more engaged. And I get raving feedback. 


    Mathilde Leo

    Head of Community & Customer Education at

    This framework has helped us create successful online experiences. We have more people speaking up. There is definitely a buzz in the Zoom room! 


    Billy Broas

    Marketing Consultant & Messaging Strategist, Five Lightbulbs

    This design framework has been a game-changer. I’ve used it to re-design my online classes. I’ve now got way more tips and tricks to increase engagement.


    D. Darren MacDonald

    Mashup Lab Lead Program Facilitator

    Let's face it. Designing engaging live online sessions can feel overwhelming.

    Ever found yourself staring at the clock, realizing you’ve spent the entire morning trying to draft an agenda for your next workshop or webinar? 

    You've likely spent hours wrestling with questions like: 

    • What’s the best way to kick things off?
    • When’s the best time for a breakout? 
    • How much content should I include? 
    • How can I keep it fresh and interesting?
    • How am I going to fit everything in? 

    The choices seem endless.

    Here's the problem. When you don't make sound design choices, you can throw your whole session off. 

    You end up struggling to keep the group's energy up.

    And no matter what you do it feels like an uphill battle to get participants to speak up and contribute. 

    It’s exhausting, isn’t it? You pour your heart, soul -- and countless hours -- into preparing your session. Only to find engagement isn’t where you want it to be.

    If this scenario feels all too familiar, you’re certainly not alone. It’s plagued online facilitators since the start of Zoom. And I’ve been right there with you.

    It doesn't have to be that way... 

    Say goodbye to overwhelm.

    ❌ You don't need the stress of facing a blank page when putting your session design together.

    ❌ You don't need to spend more precious hours trying to cobble together tips & tricks you've found on the internet.

    ❌ You don't need to manually go through a list of possible activities that may or may not work.

    What you need is a ✨repeatable and reliable✨ design process

    Say Hello to Live Session Magic.🪄 

    This compact on-demand video course will give you a battle-tested framework that you can use to transform your live sessions from mundane to magical - quickly and with ease.


    Here's the secret👇

    Good design and thorough prep will take a lot of the hard work off your shoulders during your live session. And it will make it much more likely that people will engage.

    Whether you are designing a one-hour workshop, a 90-minute webinar, or a 4-week online course, Live Session Magic will teach you a proven framework to create meaningful and memorable online experiences for your audiences - again and again. 

    I'll take you through my 8-step framework, share essential design principles, common mistakes people make, and ways you can add some magic to your live sessions so that you'll create memorable and impactful experiences for your audiences. 

    Who the course is for?

    Live Session Magic is designed for time-strapped online professionals who want to streamline session planning with a step-by-step process that quickly delivers high-quality, impactful results including:

    Teachers, trainers and course creators who want to design interactive learning experiences that captivate audiences from start to finish. 

    Remote team leaders who want to turn routine online meetings into opportunities to build connection and belonging so teams can do their best work. 

    Coaches and consultants who want to scale programs from one-to-one to one-to-many while maininting quality and client satisfaction.  

    What you’ll get out of this course:

    Live Session Magic is not just a framework. It's not just tips and tricks. Think of it as a full operating system for designing your live sessions. It will give you timeless principles of group dynamics as well as frameworks, tools, and practical tips so you can keep designing top-notch live experiences again and again. Here's what you'll get:

    🪄 Essential Design Principles:

    The secrets of exceptional session design so you can create stand-out experiences for your audience and adapt on the fly

    🪄 Templates & Tools:

    Guides that will help you apply what you are learning so you can come up with better session designs faster

    🪄 A Proven Framework:

    A step-by-step process for designing a complete live experience that delivers value to your specific audience again and again

    🪄 Tip sheets & activities

    Examples and actionable ideas that you can implement immediately and bring your live sessions alive

    You'll start to see the magic happen.✨

    ✔️ You’ll see higher retention rates and increased engagement.

    ✔️ You'll get rave reviews and recommendations.

    ✔️ You’ll see your impact and influence skyrocket. 🚀

    How do I know? That’s exactly what it’s done for me.


    I set out to find THE master in online facilitation. The same name kept coming up in conversations: Gwyn Wansbrough. Her session left a lasting impact. I’d hire her again in a second.


    Jonah Wolfraim

    Content Strategy Consultant

    👋 Hi, I’m Gwyn Wansbrough

    I’m an online facilitator and course creator who has spent 1000s of hours on Zoom - literally! 

    When I switched my training practice online 4 years ago I was desperately looking for a framework for designing online sessions. But I couldn’t find one. So I had to patchwork a million tips and tricks together. It took me ages! 

    Live Session Magic teaches you the step-by-step framework that I’ve honed over the past 4 years. It’s been test run with over 1500 professionals. It’s become the backbone of my online business. It’s what has led me to become a LinkedIn “Top Facilitation Voice” and a go-to expert for companies like Session Lab, Circle, and StreamAlive. 

    With Live Session Magic I want to make it easy for you to amplify your influence and impact by leading top-notch live online experiences with ease.

    Let me help you get reviews like these:

    Gwyn's vast experience in audience engagement helped us understand how to leverage the power of group dynamics to create meaningful interaction at scale.

    Lux new profile pic

    Lux Narayan

    Co-founder & CEO StreamAlive

    Gwyn is truly a world-class expert, and working with her was an absolute delight.

    The session she facilitated for us was a resounding success that exceeded our expectations. 


    Lu-ise Hattingh


    My own understanding of what it means to truly lead and enable a group has been transformed by working with Gwyn and watching her design and execute multiple sessions revealing the discipline and planning that go into a successful digital group meeting.


    Steven Wilkinson

    Critical Thinking Partner

    Gwyn created an engaging, open atmosphere. She is a skilled facilitator and I highly recommend working with her.


    Will Mannon

    Co-Founder, Writer of Passage

    Gwyn is my go-to expert for all things online facilitation.


    Mark Cheng

    Founder, Social Innovation Circle

    🤗 What Students Are Saying:

    I now have a playbook that I can use in all my sessions. I use it to design an online version of my workshop that will reach 4x more people.


    Zab Wakesa

    Trainer, African Circular Economy Network

    Whether I’m designing a webinar, online course, or conference, this framework means that I’m never trying to figure out where to start.


    Ryan Clover

    Instructor, Maple Creative

    The framework that Gwyn teaches is one of the most creative tools I've seen - it breaks down the actionable steps that any facilitator can use to craft a powerful session.


    Allegra Stein


    This framework is so helpful. It helped me run my live monthly community calls while I was out of town. Without it, I would have canceled the call because it took so long to prep. Not this time! I pulled out the template and designed the whole session 1 hr before the call. And it worked!


    Laura Park Figueroa

    PhD, OTR/L, Outdoor Kids OT, Inc.

    I used the framework to design an in-person one-day retreat, and it was PHENOMENAL! I followed the steps and it led to DEEP, vulnerable connection, fun, and a truly memorable experience.


    LaYinka Sanni

    Transformation Coach, Change Facilitator

    I love Gwyn's Framework. Its structure helps me prepare for a magical live session. Each time I use it, I facilitate with confidence because I know I've taken care of all the ingredients to make it a fun and transformative experience for the participants. It leaves them and me buzzing each and every time.


    Charlotte Crowther

    Founder, MySnapshot

    I’ve been facilitating workshops for over 10 years. However, only after learning this framework, I’ve had a method that I use in every single one of my sessions. I can now easily create alignment, engagement, connection, deep work, reflections and follow-ups seamlessly.


    Máximo Plo

    Open Innovation Specialist at Sustainable Startup & Co

    Gwyn's guidance as I refined my course's timing and interactive elements really paid off. Her framework design process made my sessions more lively and more meaningful for everyone involved!


    Terri Lonier

    Founder, Authority By Design

    Frequently Asked Questions

    This course is for any professional who leads (or plans to lead) live online sessions and wants to learn a system to help increase engagement in live sessions. This includes remote team leaders, virtual trainers, online course creators, L&D professionals, and more.

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