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What People Say About the Quest

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"As a facilitator, I love Gwyn Wansbrough's newsletter. There is nothing else like it out there that I have come across!”

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Adam Rosendahl

Chief Experience Officer, Late Nite Art, Oakland, CA

"Quest always sheds light on things that were totally off my radar, others I had intuitively felt but was unable to name, or practices that are part of my toolbox but seen under a refreshed light. Plus it's fun to read, always a kick. An excellent read for any facilitator.”

Monica Sanchez de Ocana

Monica Sanchez de Ocaña

Facilitator and Founding Partner, Baobab Consulting

“Gwyn’s newsletters are fantastic. I am swimming in a sea of emails. But I look forward to getting The Quest in my inbox each week. They are a treasure.”


Karaminder Ghuman

Course Creator & Photographer

“The Quest gives me bite-sized expertly curated content that I read from start to finish every week. Gwyn is one of my go-to’s for finding new online facilitation resources.“

Jakob Knutzen

Jakob Knutzen

Co-founder & CEO, Butter

"Gwyn is an incredible facilitator who brings years of experience in creativity, empowerment, learning, and breakthrough moments! Her weekly newsletter, The Quest #, is one of the only newsletters I make sure to read EVERY week!"

Romy Alexandra

Romy Alexandra

Learning Experience Designer and Experiential Learning Trainer

"I look forward to receiving the Quest every week and always learn new things from Gwyn's insights. It's one the few newsletters I actually read on a regular basis because the content is so valuable to me as a virtual facilitator in our ever changing landscape! The Quest is truly a labor of love and exquisitely curated - if you lead groups online, it is well worth your time!”

Jenny Sauer-Klienheadshot

Jenny Sauer-Klein

Founder & CEO, Scaling Intimacy School of Experience Design

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Join The Quest and get expertly curated tips, insights and resources for creating instantly engaging virtual sessions delivered to your inbox every Monday.

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