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👋 Hi, I'm Gwyn

I’m an online facilitator, learning experience designer, and someone who’s spent thousands of hours on Zoom. Literally! 

My mission is to help you design & lead live online workshops and meetings that are energizing and empowering. I do that through live online training, coaching, and consulting. 

I've worked with people leaders across industries on just about every continent. And I've learned that the secret to engaging online sessions comes down to this: they need to be designed and led specifically for the way we interact in the virtual space.

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3 Different Ways I Can Help You


Every Monday, you’ll get actionable insights and tips to help you design and lead exceptional online experiences that engage your group and get better results. 


The Breakthrough Facilitation course gives you tools, personalized feedback, and a proven framework for designing and leading high-engagement live sessions. 


Interested in 1:1 coaching or customized team training? Book a free 15-minute zero commitment call with me to see how I can support you and your team.

Gwyn is truly a master of her craft. I have used her facilitation wizardry to bring magic to my online training ever since I was lucky enough to have the chance to learn with Gwyn. Her work has the simplicity and beauty that comes from deep, lived expertise. I've done a lot of teaching and learning over the last 30 years and Gwyn's one of those great teachers who stands out for her wisdom, her wit, and her warmth.

Caroline Goyder

Caroline Goyder

Author and Coach, Gravatas

Gwyn's insights and feedback in her roles as friend and advisor to StreamAlive were very enlightening, and helped compress our product release cycles. As an audience engagement platform, the art and science of facilitation is a key pillar to our product. Gwyn's vast experience helped us understand how to leverage the power of group dynamics to create meaningful interaction at scale.

Lux Narayan

Lux Narayan

Co-founder & CEO StreamAlive

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The Quest always sheds light on things that were totally off my radar, others I had intuitively felt but was unable to name, or practices that are part of my toolbox but seen under a refreshed light. Plus it's fun to read, always a kick. An excellent read for any facilitator. Thank you Gwyn!

Monica Sanchez de Ocaña

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