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I’m an online facilitator, learning experience designer, and someone who’s spent thousands of hours on Zoom. Literally!

My mission is to help you design & lead live online workshops and meetings that are energizing and empowering (not exhausting). I do that through live online training, coaching, and consulting. 

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Can you do meaningful learning and work online?

When the pandemic hit I had just stepped down from leading a global training organization. For 15 years I had made a living from leading workshops in person. Overnight I found myself struggling to adapt my know-how to the virtual space.

Before the pandemic, I used to be skeptical about leading online sessions. I was convinced that the only way to create meaningful group experiences was to do it face-to-face.

Then I led my first online workshop.

And yes, there were tech glitches, awkward silences, and blank stares. A combination that sent my sweat glands and anxiety into overdrive. 😬

But at the end of the session, when I asked my group members to put one word in the chat about how they were feeling (expecting crickets), I got a cascade of responses like: “energized”, “connected”, and “inspired.”

That was my “aha” moment!

I saw that it IS possible to lead engaging & empowering online experiences. 

I knew that if I wanted to continue teaching and training people at scale, I had to adapt the way I led my group sessions.

So I immersed myself in everything there is to learn about designing and leading live online sessions. 

There was just one problem…

Leading live online sessions has evolved at lightning speed over the last three years.

And as a result, there’s no clear path showing people how to level up their facilitation skills in the online space. 

There wasn’t a repeatable process you could follow to create transformative sessions that empower participants to take action every single time.

Until now!

After enduring online sessions that felt flatter than a deflated basketball, I knew that with facilitation techniques there was an easier way.

And based on everything I’ve learned about leading groups in the past 15 years and online facilitation during the pandemic I developed the Breakthrough Arc Framework👇

The BF framework is inspired by the visionary work of Dream a Dream and Partners for Youth Empowerment.

Using this framework, I’ve helped over 1350 online professionals learn how to design and lead online experiences that engage, energize, and spark people into action - from remote team leaders to corporate trainers, university professors, teachers, community leaders, course creators, content-area experts, and more.

I get deep satisfaction from facilitating engaging, meaningful online group experiences with people from all around the world. I hope I can help you find the joy in leading live online experiences so you can thrive in this digital world.


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