Create Engaging Virtual Sessions Your Participants Will Love ❤️

Your step-by-step guide to leading virtual sessions that get raving feedback from your participants and empowers them to take action.

Do you lead webinars, online courses, remote teams, or online communities?

Download this 13-page guide and you'll discover:

👉The #1 skill that'll help you lead transformative virtual sessions

👉The 5 biggest mistakes virtual session leaders make (and how to avoid them)

👉The 4 must-follow practices that will supercharge engagement

👉The 8 powerful steps to designing sessions that will keep people engaged from start to finish

👉PLUS 35 practical ideas that you can start using in your sessions straight away

Free Step by Step Virtual Facilitation Guide - Gwyn Wansbrough

I now use the Breakthrough Facilitation framework to design all of my virtual sessions.

I am more confident and fluid in my facilitation. I am more equipped to deal with unexpected issues and challenges as they come up. The quality of my sessions has improved. My participants are more engaged earlier on in the sessions.

Mathilde Leo - Head of Community at Circle

Mathilde Leo

Head of Community at Circle

🤨 Ever wonder why some online group sessions leave you buzzing with excitement while others feel downright exhausting?

Or why getting people to answer your questions can feel more painful than getting your teeth pulled?

The truth is: there’s so much more to running an engaging virtual session than sending out a Zoom link. 

As the group leader, it’s up to you to create the right conditions for participants to share their ideas, bond with other group members, and take action.

Because once you do…

That’s when you’ll see virtual hands flying up to answer your questions.

That’s when the group chat will be buzzing with insightful comments.

And that’s when people will feel empowered to reflect and take action on your presentation.

This is exactly what virtual facilitation is all about!

(Because guess what? if you lead any sort of online session or community, you’re a facilitator!)

🤷But what conditions do you need in place?

🤷How do you ensure your group sessions are going to be valuable and not “just another meeting?”

🤷How do you build connections with your participants from the moment they enter your Zoom room?

🤷And how do you encourage everyone (even the introverts!) to respond to your questions and share their best ideas?

All of those answers can be found right here!

This guide takes you through the step-by-step process of creating engaging & unforgettable online sessions your group members will value!

You’ll discover:

  • The #1 skill that’ll help you lead valuable & transformative virtual sessions every single time

  • The 5 biggest mistakes virtual leaders make that lead to awkward silences and blank stares

  • The Breakthrough Facilitation Framework AKA the 4 must-follow practices that will supercharge engagement and boost connection within your group

  • The 8 powerful steps (and pro tips) to designing high-quality virtual sessions that will keep your members engaged from start to finish

Gwyn Wansbrough Portrait

Ready to supercharge your engagement and lead transformative virtual sessions?

 👋Hey there!

I’m Gwyn Wansbrough ― a facilitator, learning experience designer, and someone who’s spent thousands of hours on Zoom.

For the last 15+ years, I trained thousands of team leaders how to design & deliver valuable group sessions in-person…

But once COVID hit and the world shifted online, here’s what I’ve learned ―

While most educators & leaders are amazing at creating world-class content for their group sessions…

They struggle to deliver their content online in a way that sparks curiosity and learning. Or empowers their group members to achieve a transformation. 

And that’s because while most people are familiar with leading presentations and meetings in-person

There’s no playbook on how to lead consistently high-quality sessions online

Or a repeatable process you can follow to empower participants to take action every single time.

Until now!

This guide will help you revolutionize the way you lead virtual sessions. 

It contains the key things I’ve learned after spending thousands of hours leading online sessions, pouring through hundreds of toolkits, and testing what works and what doesn’t.

It’s what I wish I knew when I first started on this facilitation journey..and now I’m sharing it with you so you can lead engaging virtual sessions that gets the Zoom room buzzing every single time!

Free Step by Step Virtual Facilitation Guide - Gwyn Wansbrough

This guide is perfect for you if you lead any type of online session, remote team, or community, AND:

  • You’re tired of hearing crickets whenever you ask questions ― you want the group participation to skyrocket

  • You want a repeatable step-by-step process you can follow when planning your group sessions

  • You want to level up your facilitation skills 

  • You want your participants to feel satisfied and energized after every single one of your sessions

  • You want to create more connection and get your group members bonding like they’re highschool besties

What are you waiting for?

Get the free guide and improve your virtual facilitation skills today.

The Breakthrough Facilitation Arc that Gwyn teaches is one of the most creative tools I've seen to help structure a session - it breaks things down into actionable steps that any facilitator can use to craft a powerful session.

Allegra Stein – Coach

Allegra Stein


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