The Quest #106: ⏰The 2-minute “worth it” test

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How do you pass the 2-minute “worth it” test and engage your audience from the get-go? That’s our Quest for this week🔎

Let’s dive right in!

🤔“Is it worth it?”

That’s the burning question on your audience members’ minds as they join your virtual session.

Here’s what they want to know:

👉If they can trust you

👉If they feel like they belong in the group

👉If they’ll get something of value by staying

You’ve only got about 2 minutes to get them to “yes”.

Writers know this. That’s why they obsess over writing an irresistible hook. The same principle applies to online sessions. Why two minutes? This is about the time it takes for your audience to get the first clues to help them decide whether it’s worth it.

Passing the test isn’t easy. But there are ways of increasing your chances. How? Here are 3 strategies to help you pass with flying colors.

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💡Tip of the Week – Customize Waiting Room

Did you know you can customize the Zoom waiting room? I only realized a few months ago how easy it was. It’s important because it’s the very first thing your audience will see. And it’s an opportunity to pique their interest.

Here’s how👇

–> Sign into Zoom

–> Go to settings

–> Click on Customize Waiting Room

–> Then edit the title

–> Choose what the participants in the waiting room will see

–> Add a description. I like to include a quote that connects to the session theme.

Tip: If you customize your waiting room screen don’t forget to update the waiting room screen before your next session.

How could you customize your waiting room?

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