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How do you get all voices in the room? in That’s our Quest for this week🔎

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Do you ever wonder if there are people in your virtual sessions who may not be sharing what’s on their minds?

I wonder about this a lot. In my early online training sessions, I could sense that some participants were holding back. I knew they had something to say, but I couldn’t figure out how to draw it out.

The truth is that in most online meetings people don’t speak up.

According to some remote working studies70% of virtual meeting participants say it’s always difficult to contribute or be part of a conversation when on video calls.

And the cost of not getting voices heard is enormous.

The problem is that when your group members don’t speak up, you lose so many valuable ideas and insights. Participants can feel bored, frustrated, and even excluded if they can’t contribute in a meaningful way.

Don’t leave it to chance.

I’ve learned that getting all voices in the room doesn’t happen by accident. As the online facilitator, your #1 job is to make it easy for ✨everyone✨ to contribute their ideas – even the shy ones.

There are tried-and-tested ways you can get all voices heard.

The good news is that there are simple strategies for getting all of your group members to chime in. And when you use these strategies you’ll help all group members feel included, they’ll speak up, and get more value from your session.

How do you get all voices heard?

That’s our Quest for this week🔎

👉 7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get All Voices Heard in Your Next Online Meeting

👉How StreamAlive’s Quick Questions Helps Get Voices Heard

7 Surprisingly Easy Ways to Get All Voices Heard in Your Next Online Meeting

A blog post I wrote with the strategies that I use to get all voices heard in my virtual sessions.

Here’s the summary👇

Tip 1: ✅ Use Names
Tip 2: ✅ Start With A Prompt

Tip 3: ✅ Turn On Mics
Tip 4: ✅ Ask Directly
Tip 5: ✅ Give Options
Tip 6: ✅ Balance Voices
Tip 7: ✅ Talk Less

What strategies do you use to get your group members to speak up?

How StreamAlive’s Quick Questions Feature Can Help You Get Voices Heard

Sometimes your group members are trying to contribute. But especially in big groups, it can be easy for their contributions to get lost in the chat.

That’s why I love the quick questions feature of the online platform StreamAlive. And it’s one of the reasons I became an advisor.

It uses AI to scan for questions from the chat. And then it generates a list that you can pull up at any time – without having to scroll back through the chat like this👇

Check out the Quick Questions and other StreamAlive features 👉here.

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