🕸️The Quest #112: How to accelerate learning, creator resources + more

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🕸️How To Accelerate Learning Using Self-assessment – Meet MySnapshot

Facilitation can be a difficult skill to learn and master. This is in large part because what performance looks like at different stages of mastery isn’t clearly laid out.

That’s why I was excited to meet Charlotte Crowther. Charlotte is the founder of MySnapshot (and Quest reader hi Charlotte👋:) I worked with Charlotte to create a Virtual Facilitator Coefficient self-assessment tool for Breakthrough Facilitation.

  • She helped me design a mental model with 4 core components for learning virtual facilitation👇

Design by Christopher Malapitan, https://chrismalapitan.com.
  • We broke down each skill into tiny building blocks👇
  • Then Charlotte designed a self-assessment tool for students in the course called the Virtual Facilitator Coefficient. Students fill in the VFC at the beginning of the course to establish their baseline. They fill it in again at the end of the course to see their progress. It generates a spider graph and personalized report for each student. This is what the spider graph looks like 👇

Developing the Virtual Facilitator Coefficient has been a game-changer in many ways:

👉It gave me a framework for designing the course curriculum. I could focus the content on what learners needed to know to improve their virtual facilitation skills. I wasted less time.

👉It gave course participants a personalized roadmap for learning. It gave them information on how to best focus their learning during and after the course. The effect was motivating and empowering.

👉It gave everyone data-rich with insights on how to do better. Students know how to continue developing skills. I know how to improve the course.

Here’s what one BF alumni said when she got her final progress report:

“I didn’t know what I didn’t know when I started. With MySnapshot, I realized how far I have come in just one month.”

If you are interested in self-assessment and lifelong learning, sign up for Charlotte’s free weekly newsletter Meta Learning. Or contact her at charlotte@mysnapshot.co. If you want to really dive into student self assessment, read this article.

Full transparency here: I am an affiliate of MySnapshot which gives you £50 off and that gives me a financial benefit. It’s one of the only affiliate link I have because I believe so much in the impact it makes.

💡Are you a creator?

Three years ago I discovered a world of people who call themselves “creators”.

They include course creators, YouTubers, newsletter writers, online content producers, podcast creators, and product developers. Many of you call yourselves creators🙌:)

Discovering this creator world helped me to realize that I too had a creator in me.

And it was yearning for a creative outlet. That’s what led me to start this newsletter. At the time it felt like taking a huge and scary leap into the unknown. But the more I created, the more confident I felt.

One creator I have learned a lot from is doctor-turned-YouTuber-turned-productivity expert Ali Abdaal.

He is a Cambridge-educated doctor who has become so successful as a creator, he quit medicine to dedicate his time to creating.

One of the things I admire about Ali is that he’s got one of hallmark qualities of a “creator”: generosity.

He has created and shared a prolific amount of high-value content – most of it for free. Check out Ali’s website 👉 here.

Today I started Ali’s course Part-time YouTube Academy. This feels like another huge (and scary) creative leap. Expect to see some more video content coming your way.💪

If you are interested in learning more about the “creator” world also check out Jay Clouse and Justin Welsh.

What is the creator inside of you yearning to do?

✍️Quote of the Week

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”

Maya Angelou, American poet and civil rights activist

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