💡The Quest #1: Meaningful Online Learning, Creative Collaboration, and Building Bridges

Greetings from Barcelona where I have been working on this, my very first newsletter. This officially kick starts my weekly quest to share ideas and resources on creativity, facilitation, and learning. I’m thrilled to have you on this journey with me. Here we go!

This week we’ll be exploring meaningful online learning, creative collaboration, and building bridges.

Can Online Learning Be Even Better Than In-person? A blog I wrote about my experience in David Perell’s online writing course called Write of Passage this summer. Not only did I learn about writing, but the course was also a masterclass in how to create and facilitate meaningful collaborative online learning experiences. I know a lot of us are experimenting with online learning. I’d love to hear what you’ve learned. Just hit reply to this email.

The Jam Session that Spanned Three Continents An article from the folks at IDEO, about a collaborative jam session that led to the recording of an original piece of music – all online, and across three continents. I loved this article because it’s a brilliant example of creative collaboration in action: sharing an idea, be willing to let go, saying yes, building your partners’ ideas, and creating something unexpected.

8 Tips for Discovering Your Writing Genius. While we are on the topic of creative process, check out this brilliant article and infographic from Henneke Duisermaat. It made me laugh out loud. She focuses on writing, but a lot of these tips can be applied to any creative process (and to life in general!). I especially liked her take on the 3 comfort zones. Which one of her 8 tips resonates most with you?

Bridging Differences Playbook. An amazingly comprehensive guide for anyone interested in promoting positive dialogue and understanding. From the folks at the Greater Good Science Center (thanks to Ross Hall at the Weaving Lab for sharing). Check out the list of resources at the end and the incredible list of organizations in the US that are working to bridge differences. Now that’s something to be hopeful for.

Photo of the week: A message I received with my café con leche…

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email me at gwyn@gwynwansbrough.com.

Until next week!


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