🌟 The Quest #2: Facilitation Superpowers, Moderators, and Creative Wonder

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Greetings from Barcelona. I was so touched by your responses to my first newsletter. Thanks to each one of you for signing up. I am so thrilled to be on this quest with you. 

In this week’s edition: unlocking your facilitation superpowers, the role of a moderator, creative wonder, and more… Here we go!

Why Facilitation is Your Superpower for the Future. A blog I wrote about one of my first experiences with facilitation and what I learned from working for 10 years with Partners for Youth Empowerment about masterful facilitation. We are living in a time where the ability to create open and safe conversations is vital. How can we up-level the craft of facilitation and activate our facilitation skills? That’s the fire in my belly right now🔥🔥🔥

What is a Moderator to do: how to Moderate a Sh$!tshow. Insights from gathering expert Priya Parker on the role and power of moderators. She breaks down how Presidential debate moderator Chris Wallace could have used his power differently. According to Parker, Wallace didn’t just need to interrupt the men, he needed to interrupt the gathering and tells us how. She shines an important light on what is often an invisible but crucial role in mediating, asking good questions and getting answers for the public. How do you think the debate moderators could have been more effective? 

I chop up faces every morning and so should you: If that isn’t the best headline I’ve read in a while, I don’t know what is. An article by IDEO designer Michael Hendrix on collage and all of the benefits that come from following your creative wonder with good old fashion paper and glue. I especially liked his advice on not starting with intention or a desire for meaning. “Meaning will reveal itself as you create.” Here’s one of his creations:

Wanted: A plain-and-simple definition of a facilitator. My fellow facilitators – have you ever had a hard time explaining what you do in plain language? I know I have. If we are going to elevate the role of the facilitator, we need a plain-speaking definition of one. Would you like to contribute? I’ve created a google doc where we can share our thoughts and ideas. (Please remember to add your name so I can credit you!). I’ll keep you posted as this evolves. 

Photo of the week: From my hibiscus plant, “A flower within a flower”

Thanks for reading. I’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions. Feel free to email me at gwyn@gwynwansbrough.com.

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