💻 The Quest #3: Online experiential learning, Zoom cocktail parties, and creative collaboration

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In this week’s edition of The Quest: Secrets for online experiential learning, the experiential learning model, how to host a cocktail party on Zoom, creative collaborations, and Barcelona chalk art. Here we go!

  1. 5 Secrets to Designing Powerful Online Experiential Learning. A blog I wrote about what I am learning about designing experiential learning online. I’ve discovered that you do not need to be in person for experiential learning to work its magic. But there are some key things needed in the design. The blog also gives big props to Partners for Youth Empowerment in leading the way in adapting experiential learning online. If you haven’t participated in one of PYE’s Creative Catalyst sessions you need to! They are free and happen every second Tuesday. 

2. Experiential Learning Model. An infographic from the University of Florida that I came across when I was researching my blog. We have so many experiences where we miss opportunities to learn because we don’t reflect. I like how this infographic lays out the debrief questions at each stage. The questions can also make good writing prompts for journaling. I’ll be keeping this handy for my next session.

3. How to Host a Cocktail Party on Zoom (and have better classes, conferences, and meetings too). An article by facilitator Misha Guberman who I learned about in Priya Parker’s newsletter. Check out his article about how to host a virtual cocktail party. Here are a few insights about online gathering that I gleaned from Guberman:

He gives participants agency with ways to make the event their own. This sets the stage for more meaningful participation and connection.

He invites participants to come up with ideas for conversation rooms, Open Space-style. This empowers participants to identify the kinds of conversations they want to have.

He gives participants the option to move between breakout rooms. This gives a session fluidity, that you have at a cocktail party. This leads to more conversations, more connections, and more ideas. Scroll down to the end of the article where he gives a detailed step-by-step plan of how he organized the party. Amazing! How have you been innovating with online gatherings and sessions? I’d love to hear.

4. Partners: My new favourite podcast created by Hrishikesh Hirway. He interviews co-founders of creative collaborations. I binge-listened all 8 episodes. Hirway gets into the nuances and complexities of creative collaboration, as well as the role that serendipity often plays. My favourite episode is the interview with poet/musician/actors Daveed Diggs (Thomas Jefferson in the original cast of Hamilton) and Rafael Casal. Then I found out that Hirway also created the Podcast Song Exploder, where musicians take apart their songs and tell the story of how they were made. It’s just been made into a Netflix series. I can’t even pick my favourite one because I loved them all. If you listen or watch, I’d love to hear your highlights.

Photo of the week. A tribute to Barcelona restaurant chalk art, for the bars and restaurants that are now closed for 2 weeks. Courtesy of Rotalución a Mano.

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