🤔 The Quest #115: What is Purposeful Engagement?

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Is purposeful engagement? And how can you bring more of it into your online sessions? That’s our Quest for this week 🔎

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“How do I engage my online groups.”

That’s the #1 question I get asked. It led me to start this newsletter 115 editions ago. I even created a course that promises to teach you to “design and lead instantly engaging online sessions.”

But what does engagement in live sessions mean?

Is it the number of comments in the chat? How many people put their hands up and contribute to the discussion? How many emoji reactions pop up when someone shares an idea?

The definition of engagement is evolving.

At the beginning of the pandemic most of us focused on getting people to actively participate in our sessions. But active participation leading to what exactly? That’s where purposeful engagement comes in.

We are living through an engagement revolution.

Online audiences are calling for more connection, meaning, and joy in working and learning together. They are calling for engagement with a purpose.

Understanding purposeful engagement is the key to unlocking more engagement.

It will help you take your groups further, faster. Your group members will be more likely to take action. And it will make the experience more meaningful for everyone.

What is purposeful engagement? And how do you bring more of it into your online sessions? That’s our Quest for this week. 🔎

👉 Getting Creative with Community Engagement Metrics by Tatiana Figueiredo

👉 Disrupting the Crisis of Disconnection at Work by Adam Rosendahl


👉 My brand new website + searchable newsletter database

📈 Getting Creative with Community Engagement Metrics

A thought-provoking article from Business of Community founder (and Quest reader 👋) Tatiana Figueiredo. Tatiana is a consultant and coach. She has cracked the code on what makes successful community businesses tick. One of the things that Tatiana excels at is engaging her community.

Here’s how she defines engagement 👇

“Engagement is a measurement of whether your members are taking actions that help them along their growth journey.”

I love this definition because it goes beyond active participation to taking action that results in a desired change.

She curates a bunch of examples of how community leaders measure engagement. These include making new friends, member helpfulness, member leadership, IRL connections, and more.

How would you define and measure engagement in your sessions?

Source: Tatiana Figueiredo Business of Community

BTW if you are serious about building a community business I highly recommend Tatiana’s course. I took it – it’s awesome.

⚡️ Disrupting the Crisis of Disconnection at Work

A new guide by Late Nite Art founder (and Quest reader 👋) Adam Rosendahl. Adam is a seasoned facilitator who I’ve had the great fortune of knowing and collaborating with for many years.

His wildly successful Late Nite Art program is an arts-infused immersive experience for teams to take creative risks and build connection. And it is led by a dynamite team of some of the most talented facilitators I know.

In the guide, Adam shares the results of a survey of some of his top clients about the challenges and desires of a changing workforce.

He offers concrete 4 ideas for overcoming these challenges:

1/ 👉 Improving offsites

2/ 👉 Making onboarding more human

3/ 👉 Resetting culture, and

4/ 👉 Breathing life into online meetings (my personal favorite!)

Source: Disrupting the crisis of disconnection at work

🥁 My brand new website + searchable newsletter database

Drumroll please…. I have just launched my new website. 🎉

What I am most excited about is the searchable newsletter database feature.

That means that you can go to my newsletter page and search past issues of the Quest by any topic.

For example, search for “Engagement” and you’ll get all of the newsletters I’ve written on that topic going back to October 2020.

📹 Here’s a 1 min Loom video on how it works.

Here’s my challenge to you: if you search for a topic and you get 0 results, hit reply to this email and I’ll create it.

If you are looking to create or refresh your website I highly recommend Ryan Clover and his team at Maple Creative. They specialize in “website design for generous creators.”

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